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Evolution by Intention

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Provocative… Compelling… Life-Altering

Catalyst for Accelerated Evolution

"...the fiercest and the kindest person I have ever met."

A visionary and an activist, Louise is a cutting-edge thinker, writer, speaker,educator and Coach. Her unwavering commitment to her own evolution has been the key to maintaining a cutting-edge perspective on human evolution. Her willingness to transform her personal discoveries into simple and accessible processes for others makes it possible for you to accelerate your own evolution with less effort and outstanding results.

"We're looking for the women who are seeking to go beyond solving their problems to transforming their lives! In our intensive experiences, we work with women (and I work with the women who work with others), helping them to discover that they have choice; that they are neither victims nor captives to their lives; and that once they know that, how they choose to live is entirely up to them.

Women are hungry to become the 'more' that they instinctively know themselves to be - and the time to engage is now!"

Louise LeBrun

WEL-Systems Institute
Louise LeBrun is the Founder of the WEL-Systems Institute and creator of the ever-growing and profoundly effective WEL-Systems body of knowledge - a gateway to the paradigm shift essential to living as a Quantum Biological Human™.

Transformation is not a function of time, effort or money invested. If it were, we would already have become who we long to be!

For a Quantum Biological Human, 'transformation' is the natural byproduct of a wave of information flowing through the body and redefining 'reality'. In that moment, we have already discovered:

  • We need to let go. In a holographic universe, life changes when we choose to invest energy and attention in creating what we want, not in struggling against what we don't want.
  • We need to get on with it! If creating X requires that we be willing and able to do A, B and C, two out of three won't do it. We have to do A, B and C - or redefine X. To pretend otherwise will keep us powerless in our own lives... and crazy.
  • We need to let the body lead. In a quantum world, the body processes at capacity the intellect cannot make sense of. That this is new, unsettling or unfamiliar does not make it any less so.

Consider what it is to live as a Quatum Biological Human™ and what it invites into your life. Read the article 5 Keys to Making it Happen - your invitation to live more fully!

Women are the Key

Women GatheringWomen Gathering in small groups talking... is the key to a life-enhancing future. Louise is deeply committed to working with women to help them take back their lives; and to awaken new expressions of leadership that are grounded in the evolution of Being. She holds nothing back as she engages with you to help you create the life that is meaningful to you. Her passion for supporting others in rediscovering the magnificence of their imperfection has profoundly changed the lives of thousands around the world.

Women waking up...staying awake...and awakening other women!

Engage with Louise:

For YourSelf: Explore the Women and WEL-Systems 5-day intensives; and/or the Emerging Futures 4-day retreat experiences

And Your Clients: Explore Certification as a CODE Model Guide or CODE Model Coach. Your own accelerated evolution becomes the 'pace horse' that entices others into their own journey in a far more compelling way - and much bigger results!

WEL-Systems is a gateway
to a new paradigm.

Have you done it all and still haven’t found the ‘click’ inside you that compels you to live differently? Do you find yourself with more certifications on your wall than results in your life? Explore Ways to Engage to find what's right for you!