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Hello - and welcome!

I’m delighted that you’re taking the time to visit and discover how you can improve your life with a WEL-Systems® approach!

I've been working with people in a WEL-Systems context since 1990. More than17 years of watching, listening, sharing, exploring and discovering what really makes the difference in people's lives - including my own! One thing I know without question is that the difference that makes the difference in the quality of my life is my willingness to engage.

It takes courage and a sense of "The time is now!" for us to get on with our lives and create the ones worth living. No more sitting on the sidelines and being the observer to my own life as it passes me by. Sadly, what most people don't notice until it's too late is that it also takes courage to live a miserable life!. What it boils down to is where you want to invest that courage and what you're willing to settle for.

My decision to work intensely and significantly with women is a reflection of my belief that women are the key to a new world. This is not a reflection on any men but more a declaration of my own commitment to engage to make a difference in the world. For those men who have the desire to engage powerfully in a WEL-Systems® experience, I encourage them to visit www.WEL-Systems.com to explore what’s possible.

Depending on what you want to create in your life and how intensely you want to engage, there are a number of ways to proceed. From nibbling at the edges to ordering up the full meal deal, here's a buffet of intensives, products and services to explore and from which to choose to satisfy your appetite and your budget.

I'm ready
to take back my life!
I'm not sure
what I'm ready for
I'm just starting out and
need to take it slow

Transformation requires safety, science and a touch of the sacred. Anything less, and what we get is incremental change.


I'm ready
to take back my life!

You know it is time and you’re ready to engage. You cannot wait any longer for your life to change.  Stepping into a multi-day an intensive is the ride of a lifetime!

Be mindful that these are not trainings or courses. They are profoundly life-altering events, unique to the people who are in them, unfolding within the context of the theme. My primary consideration in all of these experiences is to make sure that the space within which they unfold is safe at all levels – physical, behavioral and emotional. Expect environments, people and conversations that will offer you respect, consideration and tremendous support to become who you are destined to become. And all along the way, you decide how far and how fast you want to engage.

There's lots to choose from, with four and five-day retreats and experiences; offered in our town or yours upon request; wrapped in the luxury of safe space and beautiful places. Visit the Experiences section to discover :


The focus on Women and WEL-Systems lets you go as far and as fast as it feels right for you in the company of other women who are committed to their own evolution.

5-day intensives are designed not only to connect you to the unique presence that you are but to help you find that within yourself and put voice to it. Engage one… engage them all… and engage as often as you like! These experiences are neither courses nor training but gateways to an acceleration of your own evolution. There are currently 4 unique experiences to choose from:

Decloaking... and living authentically!
Engaging... and awakening others!
Emerging... and manifesting your future!
Whispers from Within: Women’s Writing Retreat

4-day retreats – invitations for you to discover the future that calls to you and awaits the opportunity to emerge. How you grasp an Emerging Future is by letting go. How you hold on to it is with an open hand. Paradoxes? Of course! But isn’t that what life’s about? There are currently three (3) Emerging Futures Retreats being offered:

Leadership Redefined ~ Reclaimed
Huna: Rediscovering Your Higher Self
Entrepreneurial Women

1-day Living WELness experiences – Workshops for Accelerated Healing There are currently 6 workshops being offered to heal from:

Breast Women Awakening Cancer
Eating Disorders

Women Awakening
- a monthly Open Forum for discovery, sharing and much more.  Meeting at the WEL-Systems Institute Program Centre, these monthly conversations both invite and support an accelleration of personal evolutoin.

Lifetime Learning and Continuing Education


CODE Model Guide™ Certification experiences – designed to propel existing professionals into a new model of the world in just four days! Bringing your existing skills and wisdom with you, step into The CODE Model™ as a framework for enquiry and watch your world get bigger. Bring your toughest challenges – your unsolved problems and nagging doubts – into this experience and be amazed at what you discover that you had not been able to see. And once you can see, discover how easy it really can be. Contact Louise directly at Louise@LouiseLeBrun.com for more info or to create a custom-designed experience for you and your colleagues.

Sometimes it does not seem possible to engage in a multi-day intensive.  I encourage people to trust in the natural intellence that your body knows and to follow what feels right to you . Continue to seek and explore what is available or register - a choice is always yours.

I'm not sure
what I'm ready for:

Take a stroll through the online Storefront and browse the extensive collection of original, cutting-edge books and audio products. Trust what calls to you and start where it feels right for you. My recommendation? Consider this sequence for accelerated growth:

  • Fully Alive: Awakening Health, Humor, Compassion and Truth
  • Women and Power: The Series  CD Available
  • Sekhmet Rising: The Restlessness of Women’s Genius
  • When the Horse Dies, Get Off…and Stop Dragging It Around!
  • Phoenix Rising: The Freeing of Human Potential
  • Pathways to Personal Power  CD Available

Explore the Living WELness™ series of CD’s and pick the topics that are most meaningful to you; or choose something that touches the life of someone you love. When you listen, listen first for your own experience and then listen a second time to hear all the things you missed on the first pass because it fired off so much stuff in your body! That’s one of the wonderful things about these books and CD’s: although they are written to share huge amounts of original, unqiue and cutting-edge information that invite a profound and life-altering new world view, they are designed to awaken the body. No matter how many times you engage them, you’ll discover something new about yourself with each visit.

A number of CDs are scheduled for production to provide even more choices and ways to enage in the privacy of your own space.


I'm just starting out
and need to take it slow:

There are lots of ways to engage in a WEL-Systems® experience. Personal growth and evolution does not have to be hard, take a long time or cost a lot of money. One of the most accessible way to begin is to visit the Free Articles section on this web site. You’ll find short, inspirational pieces in the Thoughts On… articles to a cutting-edge perspectives on Health and Wellness, Addiction, Huna and other topics. Take the time to look for the titles that cause some response in your body, and then pay attention. Read only as long as it holds your interest and attention. The minute that it does not, move to something else.

Break the rules! Let yourself bounce around. Give yourself permission to start in the middle; or read the ending, first! However you choose to do it, you can be sure that it will take you where you need/want to go.

If you want more of a live, up-to-the-minute experience, visit my blogs on:

If something catches your attention, take a moment to send me your comments via the Comments section of my blogs or directly by email at Louise@LouiseLeBrun.com. Your considerations, questions, insights and discoveries are always welcome.

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I still need help ...

I can appreciate that some people find using web sites challenging and are not sure about programs, books, or CDs that are unfamilar. It is not unusual for my clients to know that they want things in their lives to change and are equally unsure about how to begin. If this feels familiar to you, consider using my experience and expertise in helping you make the right choice for you.

It’s like being at a luscious buffet of magnificent delights, not quite sure of how hungry you are or whether you want to be reasonable or take a walk on the wild side! If you’re up for a conversation about where you are and what you’re looking for – or even if you’ve not a clue and only know that you’re looking! – I’d be delighted to connect with you and explore what would be your best pathway. No two of us are the same, so why would we think that there’s a pat answer for us all?

You can connect with me directly:

  • by email at Louise@LouiseLeBrun.com. That’s likely the most reliable way since I’m never very far from email. If you then want to arrange for us to have a conversation, we can select a time that works well for us both; and/or
  • if you prefer to talk, you can call me at 613-254-7218. I'll take the time to explore your interests and considerations and let you know whether we can help and how to start.

Thanks for taking the time to visit. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!