Women Gathering

in small groups, talking …

Expanding Horizons

I am so delighted to be here with you!  I was astounded to realize that I have not posted here for months, likely evidence of a busy life, well lived.

There is much for me to share with you regarding Women Gathering.  Activity is increasing both in frequency and intensity; and more women are feeling the ‘pull’ to rediscover a much deeper inner truth, too long held in check.  It would seem that the vibration of sound (i.e. CD’s, radio show, audio files, etc.) is offering more – faster! – than can easily be explored with the written word.  Of course, that’s all about me – and a reflection of my increasing desire to engage in conversation with women; and in exchanges of experiences and ideas.

For now, given that I am unsure in this moment when I might find myself back in this place; and given that I would very much welcome your presence in my life, here are some of the other places where you might find me and others who are enjoying the journey along this path.

You can find my Facebook Page and join the community!  I’m there every day, sharing my own thoughts and encouraging others to share theirs with me.  On my Page, you’ll also find links to other women who are WEL-Systems® Affiliates and CODE Model Coaches™, creating transformational moments with other women.  You can connect and engage directly from this page.

Reclaiming Your Self: Women Unedited and Engaged! – my Radio Show on Contact Talk Radio - continues to be accessible through the Archives.  You can access all 69  archived Episodes on the Institute website at the link above.  Consider using these Episodes as invitations to others to engage in more meaningful conversations with you – and watch your world transform!

Women Awakening! is the new location for women to connect with themselves and each other.  Become a member of this growing, online community of women awakening to their own potential.  Take a moment to visit the Pages to ensure your understanding of the unique intention that fuels this awakened collective.  Become a member and ensure that every post is sent directly to you by email so that you don’t miss a thing!

Based on some of the most popular  Inspirational, Motivational, and Provocative articles by Louise LeBrun, you now can access free audio recordings intended to encourage you along the path of your own evolution.  Know that you are not alone as these words invite and allow energy and information to be in flow… inside, where you live… propelling you to a different expression of yourSelf.  In the Engage WEL-Systems area, select Listen to be presented with the available items for you to hear, share, and comment on.

Around the world, women continue to gather in small groups, talking… about all that is deeply meaningful to them. As I encourage you to listen and discover, I also encourage you to express… and to share the truth of your own discoveries, as you go.  Bringing voice to that which moves inside you; and allowing that voice to be heard in a safe place, can indeed change your life!

Thank you for being here – and I look forward to staying connected with you!

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