Women Gathering

in small groups, talking …

WOI : Women of Intensity

Tomorrow, 16 women will gather, talking…. about their lives, their choices and their willingness and ability to engage and live large!  In this moment, it feels like the night before Christmas… like the night before some great gift is about to be experienced, in some way.  I know that these women coming together tomorrow is going to change my life. 

They are coming from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and surrounding areas.  They have been planning this for weeks – and every single one of them is awake, present and both willing and able to engage.  I know that when we leave, the pulse that will have gone out into the world will have already changed our world in some way.  That is the force of who and what we are. 

Women are essential to a world transformed.  Women awake are the fuel for this transformation – and nothing less will do.  

These women are awake and not just ready to engage, but already engaging!  These women of intensity have already begun to call to themselves other women of intensity (few are the places where intensity in women is welcomed, let alone encouraged!); women who can no longer tolerate the pressure of puny lives, knowing that they are designed for so much more.  In this sense, ‘puny’ is not a reference to job levels, bank accounts or accumulation of ‘stuff’.  It is a reference to having spent lives being less… expressing less… and allowing less of the truth of who we are to be visible to others.  Lives lived in the closet.  Hugely powerful, creative, innovative women believing themselves to be ‘saddled’ with a life of commitment and responsibility that prevents them from being themselves. These 16 women know better. 

We can love, be lovable and be bold!  We can be mothers and mates, colleagues and friends, and stand for our own interests and desires.  We can be kind, considerate, patient and generous, and still draw the line in the sand and enforce it!  We not only can… we ARE the intensity that it takes to live that way. 

Imagine: 16 women engaging with each other in open, clear, honest and direct communication… about themselves.  Not their opinions or stories about anyone else; not their external references to their lives or anyone else’s lives but a willingness and ability to be internally referenced, to own that no matter how it is, they created it; and in that lies the power to create something else. 

I know that tomorrow will be filled with huge amounts of laughter!  I also know that it will bring goosebumps, as I listen to the vibration of women of power.  Their power does not lie in anything external to them.  Their power lies in the depth of their connection to themselves and their willingness and ability to allow it carve out their lives. 

Just one more sleep….  :)

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  1. I am SO EXCITED to hear about today I can barely wait for your next posting… I can only imagine the vibration in the room! The world will have changed today and living large will no longer be a thought it will be reality, I can feel it! I am here for the ride,glad to be on it and can’t imagine it any other way now!

    Comment by Naomi Irons | November 23, 2008

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